Tentacle to RED cable


Cable to feed timecode from your Tentacle SYNC E and ORIGINAL to RED Cameras, excluding RED One and RED Komodo.

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Special cable to feed timecode from any Tentacle Sync timecode generator SYNC E and ORIGINAL to all RED cameras with 4-pin LEMO sync port (except RED One and RED Komodo).


  • Direction: Mini jack to 4-pin LEMO
  • Right-angle Neutrik 3.5mm mini jack (3-pin)
  • Original 4-pin LEMO connector
  • Length: 40cm / 16 inches


Please note: This cable is not compatible with the RED One and the RED Komodo . For the RED One you need a Tentacle to LEMO (5 pin) cable for the RED Komodo you need this  Tentacle to RED Komodo cable.

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